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John Flutter “I do not afraid to invest in this country”, interview for “Image.ua” international journal

John Flutter, a professor of London Queen’s University: “I’m not afraid to invest in this country”

Modern medicine – is, first of all, the prevention of disease. The unique method of prevention and treatment of dentofacial anomalies has already been introduced in Ukraine in the clinic “Australian Orthodontic Centre» (www.aoc.kiev.ua). The founder of this technique – known Australian orthodontist, Professor John Flutter, which conducts in Ukraine workshops at the invitation of his Ukrainian partner Yuri Timoshenko, leader of “Ukrdent.” The method of Professor John Flutter is mainly based on the muscles of the face and gymnastics program correction of breathing. This method can be used for children from the age of three, he is a modern and accessible (including in material terms), will ensure the proper development of the dentition and the harmonious proportions of the face. We are confident that this unique technique will help Ukrainian children in the future to avoid braces, give them a great smile and a minimum of problems with their teeth. We asked a few questions to Professor John flutter.

- Mr. Professor, who is the founder of the method that you present in Ukraine?

- A lot of people have made efforts to develop this technique. The idea of maxillofacial orthotropy about 100 years. On the issue of the proper development of the facial skeleton professionals work throughout the century. But the respiratory program, which is based on the correct position of lips and tongue, the ability to breathe using the diaphragm, only 40 years old. I personally work on this program 20 years. The first time I opened a specialized center in Brisbane five years ago, and there we have implemented only the original techniques.

- Your program – a program of successful people. It is designed for a person successful in the future, handsome, educated, that which is demanded in today’s societies. The program is designed for children of any age?

- It is aimed at people of all ages. But best of all, this program is suitable for children aged 3-9 years. – At the seminar you will teach parents and children? – Absolutely. You see for yourself.

- In your program involved a doctor, the child and the parents? This program is possible without parental supervision?

- Parents need to realize that they are doing and why. Children need parents because children are very difficult to motivate yourself and do daily exercises. Therefore, there are 3 components of this process: the doctor, the patient and his parents.

- Do you have centers in Australia, Germany. What are your plans for the near future?

- In Germany, I work with orthodontists and doctors who have their centers and are adopting the same techniques that I practice. We cooperate and do the same thing I do in Brisbane. We have such centers in Germany 8. And the same center we open in Ukraine.

- Why did you decide to open a branch of your clinics in the Ukraine? In fact, this technique has not been studied in this country?

- I’m married to a Ukrainian. Come to your country to work with Yuri Timoshenko, and my future wife just worked with him. I fell on the ears, and we are now living in Australia.

-How much will it take to ensure that this method gained popularity?

- I have spent 10 years on the development of this method in Australia. But it may take longer. With each passing year, more and more people are starting to notice changes harmony face the worst. These changes are due to improper growth of dentoalveolar complex and “crooked” teeth. As is known, the treatment aligns teeth braces, but then relapse occurs – the teeth back to the starting position, so people have to wear retainers on the inside of the teeth throughout life. If they stop wearing them, then go back to where we started. But our method allows to get rid of these problems.

- How do you distribute your method?

- When you implement this technique in the existing dental clinic, you will need to be redone PolTsentr, modify very much for this program in order to make it work in full force. Each clinic has, as a rule, small rooms, which are equipped with dental chairs. And in such small rooms is not very convenient to train children. With children running specially trained staff, mainly women. The main objective of the program is not only fixated on the problems with teeth and proper breathing, and based on the idea to build a healthy relationship between a child and an assistant. If a doctor wants to implement it, the first thing that it is necessary to allocate a large room. It is impossible to implement my program when the child is sitting in the dentist’s chair, because it is necessary to support and motivate the child. That is the first thing that you need – the space, the second is a well-trained staff, and the last – the leader of the enthusiast

- Today, we talk a lot about the investment climate in Ukraine. You, as far as I know, put money into the clinic. What do you think is adequately invest today? What is your willingness to invest was based: on the laws of the country in personal relationships or on the one and the other?

-I am not afraid to invest in this country. And this time, I believe to be very successful investment. I am aware that what I am doing because I am in this field for 40 years. He worked in the UK, Asia, Australia, and got there relevant experience. And I want to note that here lives a lot of talanted pople in Ukraine.  This is amazing what they are doing in the field of dentistry. You have very high standards for the training of doctors and orthodontists.

- Thank you for the informative discussion!