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Motivation & Compliance

The basic condition for the correction of the tooth – jaw anomalies removable trainer is sufficient motivation to treat the child as the regular use of the Trainer is the key to effective treatment. Parents need to understand that you cannot just get a child to wear trainer watched, to help him realize that it is necessary, first of all, to himself, that the child was wearing a responsible trainer, even at a time when it is not controlled.

Using the appliance at night must to become a patient of the same part of the regime, like brushing your teeth. Trainer can be worn while reading before bed – then the child can easily sleep with him. Remember! Without good motivation patient treatment is not possible.

Training program in the AOC includes myogymnastics exercises for good posture and breathing program, which promote correct position of the lips and tongue, and improve breathing.

Once your child learns to control the correct position of language and breathing, the time of treatment significantly reduced, and exterior improvements will be visible. If he follows the simple daily exercises, combining them with wearing trainers, teeth alignment process will go faster and work Trainer will be effective in full.

Exercises are performed during daily wear trainers.

The goals for the child are:
  • Lips together at all times, except while speaking.
  • Tongue on the correct spot, at rest to develop the upper jaw.
  • Breathing through the nose, to assist the development of the upper and lower jaws, and to achieve the correct bite.
  • No lip activity when swallowing, which allows the lower jaw and front teeth to develop correctly.

Once these habits have been corrected, the treatment is complete. For a patient with good compliance, braces, extractions and retainers can be avoided.