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Trainer – alternative to braces


          In 1989, Dr. Chris Farrell founded Myofunctional Research Co. (Myofunctional Research Corporation). In co-operation and the University of Technology and the Institute of Industry of Queensland (Australia), integrating the experience of many years of research with the capabilities of computer modeling, Dr. Farrell has developed a series Claw caps, known as the trainers.

The action of the company’s  MRC  Myofunctional products aims to eliminate the causes of overcrowding of teeth and underdevelopment maxillofacial structures.

Since the diagnosis of real reasons crowding and underdevelopment of facial structures, the most important step in the treatment of a child and the fact that such treatment should be started is in the early and co-bite, MRC Research Centre has developed an effective system of correcting the causes of the formation of orthodontic disorders maxillofacial development. Orthodontists and dentists in more than 100 countries around the world have successfully used this system today that can significantly reduce or prevent the need for braces.

Child has a trainer only one hour on a day and all night. Despite the fact that the wearing of the Trainer is a very important aspect of treatment, however, it does not solve all problems. It is very important to do exercises for training auxiliary tongue, lips and correct breathing. All of these exercises should be performed every day between wearing trainers.

This process of training for your child must go along with their studies and sports, because it takes a lot of persistence and perseverance to come to a good result. We must not forget that all of children are different; much in the course of treatment depends on the child’s biological predisposition to change. Someone result may come earlier and some may need more time and diligence. Old habits are hard to eradicate, so the early start on the treatment program, there are better and more stable will be the result.

In our Center, trainers’ treatment combined with exercises aimed at correcting the position of the lips and tongue, as well as breathing exercises, as well as the formulation of the correct posture, which will eventually give excellent results in the elimination of harmful Myofunctional habits.

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