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”Child`s face is like an open book, learn how to read it”

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The Philosophy of Myofunctional orthodontics      

Myofunctional Orthodontics deals with diagnosis and elimination of the real causes crowding of the teeth and underdevelopment maxillofacial structures.

The main philosophy is Myofunctional orthodontics orthodontic treatment without the removal of teeth, since it implies a detailed analysis and correction of the influence of muscle factor – the main cause crowding of the teeth and jaw structures of underdevelopment.

  This approach to treatment is called “Myofunctional» from “myo” – muscle and to normalize the language and position of the circular muscles of the mouth.

  To date Myofunctional orthodontics allows for orthodontic treatment without having to install the brackets. How is this possible? Such treatment can be implemented using hardware  MRC company – specially designed Myofunctional trainers.

  Today Myofunctional orthodontics can look at the majority of orthodontic problems from a different angle.Indeed, the majority of orthodontic problems appear on the face, and while the body is in the active growth phase, we can make a difference.

3 out of every 4 children have crowded teeth and incorrectly developing jaws.

  Identified early developmental disorders maxillofacial are well to correction. However, in practice, children often go untreated, and they have a narrowing of the jaws, teeth crowding, less harmonious proportions of the face.

Treatment and removal of teeth braces in adolescents does not eliminate the causes of malocclusion, crowding of the teeth and facial imbalances.

  But it is important to understand that the crowding of teeth is not the problem and its consequences. The problem is Myofunctional harmful habits.  And, unfortunately, not all parents are paying attention for this.

   Look carefully at your child’s face or visible harmoniously any problems with the bite? “What to look for?”- You can ask.

   Tense lips, expressed certain muscles, mouth type of breathing – all evidence of malocclusion. Experienced orthodontist can identify malocclusion, not even looking in your mouth, just based on the analysis of facial features. Enough for a child to watch a few minutes in a relaxed atmosphere and to answer a number of questions:

  • • Are your child’s lips closed at rest?
  • • What type of breathing? The child breathes through the nose or primarily through the mouth?
  • • How does your child swallow? What muscles are mobile on the face during swallowing?
  • • Inflates the baby cheeks as swallows (certificate type infantile swallowing)?
  • • You can see the upper teeth when your baby swallows?
 If at least one of the questions you answered “yes”, then your path should lie to the orthodontist. The sooner you do, the more chances you and your child to have a correct bite without braces.
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