Program “Healthy children – strong country”

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The beauty above all is a health

All parents want to see their children beautiful and healthy. Childhood – a period during which the baby is growing and developing. So every responsible parent puts maximum effort and time for recreation and education of their child. And we want to help you realize your dream. We have unique methods of its kind, to help you to grow up healthy and happy child. Because healthy baby fills your life with happiness.

The unique method of Australian Ortodontic Centre is that we consider the child’s body as a whole, all parts of which are interdependent. An indicator of the harmonious development of a beautiful face and a radiant smile. Teeth – is also part of the skeleton, so any incorrect posture will affect the teeth, and this in turn will lead to a distortion of appearance. Most children today revealed violations of the facial structures, which are the cause of bad habits – mouth breathing, abnormal position of the tongue and infantile swallowing, which leads to the underdevelopment of the facial muscles and the uneven growth of the teeth. With our innovative technology, we can help you achieve perfection.

With a unique methodology, we help eliminate bad habits tongue and lips through muscle exercises. The goals of treatment of facial muscles kids – it’s not just straight teeth, but the normalization of nasal breathing, which is beneficial for the proper functioning of the entire body, and prevents fatigue and promotes mental alertness. Our unique method allows to achieve a stable result and return a beautiful smile to your child.

We also organize a regular free information sessions for parents on how to maintain the health of children.

In our center, professionalism, attention, supported by knowledge of child psychology, will make visit the clinic for your child pleasant, and will help them to adapt quickly to treatment and subsequently form a correct attitude to their own health.

On our site you will find information about the clinic and our administrators will choose a convenient time for your visit.

If you have any questions related to the diagnosis and treatment of contact, we will be happy to answer them.