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In Australian Ortodontic Centre dentist develops a treatment plan for each patient, details and records every step of treatment in a personal card, whether dentures, dental treatment or correction of malocclusion.

Australian Ortodontic Centre  is dentistry for all family members. We recommend to their friends and acquaintances, who themselves often become our friends.

Dentist`s professionalism and attention to patients gives us the right to be called one of the best dentists in Kiev. In the treatment in our dental clinic, be sure to dental care and dental qualifications in line with international standards, and sanitary regime allows for complete sterility and safety of the treatment (anti-AIDS program, anti-hepatitis).

We provide the following services:

  •  Preventive dentistry – treatment of dental caries, pulpits, artistic restoration of teeth, the salvation of “hopeless” teeth.
  •  Periodontics – Treatment of gum disease.
  •  Surgery – tooth removal of any complexity.
  •  Prosthetic Dentistry – dentures with modern materials and designs; dentures with metal crowns for cobalt-chromium alloys, precious metals, metal free crowns based on zirconium oxide or aluminum. We offer dentures Removable design with locking fasteners.
  •  Orthodontic Dentistry - bite correction in children and adults. ( read more about Orthodontic Dentistry)
  •  Cosmetic Dentistry – Preventive dentistry, teeth whitening and decoration of their crystals, precious and non-precious stones.
  •  Dental Implants.
  •  Pediatric Dentistry.
  •  Dentistry for pregnant women.

When you contact us you will please:

  • • Affordable prices
  • • Benefits
  • • A comprehensive approach to the treatment
  • • Assessment and treatment using the latest equipment
  • • The quality of treatment that promotes the healing.
  • • Answer any questions you

The “Prevention” programm

 Our specialists have developed a self-AOC  ”Prevention” program. This program consists of two main areas: a diagnostic examination of the mouth and teeth professionally cleaned.

The state of the teeth and gums depends on the outcome of treatment. Often, cleaning teeth at home is not enough to ensure good oral health. Professional cleaning will help avoid the buildup of plaque in hard to reach areas, gum disease, education, pockets, loose teeth appearance, development of caries.

As a result of full diagnosis your dentist will determine the condition of the teeth and gums, and will develop individual advice on hygiene and prevention of oral cavity. Moreover he will tell you in detail about the stages of the daily treatment at home.

The new program “Prevention” is aimed at different age groups:

  • • Preschoolers
  • Preschoolers come to the reception with their parents, as In this age, the child is not able to, without control and help adults brush their teeth. The main task is to teach children and to show parents how to properly care for the mouth with the help of special benefits, in an entertaining way. In addition, children’s dental therapists diagnose the state of the teeth and mouth. If necessary, it`s fluoridated.
  • • Students
  • At this age the child brush their teeth on their own. Therefore, for school-age children is an important systematic and properly clean your teeth. Children’s dental therapists, in addition to training and retain proper oral hygiene, conduct diagnostics, will remove plaque by ultrasound, if necessary, polish the teeth.
  • • Adults
  • In prevention for adults also includes diagnosis and recommendations on proper oral care. Individual selection of tools and technologies hygiene, polishing the surface of the teeth.  Also therapeutic application to the gums if it`s necessary.

Timely treatment , the diagnosis in the early stages of the disease, qualified treatment, the recommendations for the prevention of dental diseases  that is  the way to stay healthy for many years.

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