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Healthy spine

Human`s health is laid in childhood and it`s during throughout of whole  life.  Children`s spine has not got stronger, and therefore may suffer from undue load, especially during long periods of classroom activities, from sitting too long at the table. Bad posture while sitting promotes to the development of scoliosis, uneven load on the spine and thus to back pain.

Severe forms of curvature of the spine have a significant impact on the activity of internal organs. Scoliosis causes the development of various diseases: hypertension in the pulmonary circulation, false angina, myocardial hypertrophy of the right half of the heart, a violation of the prostate and gallbladder, bronchospasm, vasospasm and the subsequent development of heart attack, prostate, cholecystitis, asthma, hip arthrosis.

In Australian orthodontic center  our experts of program “Healthy Spine” (a reference to the influence of posture on human health) for children aged 3 to 12 years.

The main purpose of the program is the prevention and correction of posture disorders through medical physical culture.

The “Healthy Spine” aims to strengthen the muscular system and raise the correct posture and improve the physical condition of the child.

The program will allow your child to learn a unique set of exercises by which it can improve your posture.

If you are concerned about the future health of your child, and you want him to grew up strong and healthy, come to us, we will help you with it!